With the incendiary sales numbers of Grand Theft Auto V taking interactive entertainment to new heights, handily eclipsing the $1 billion mark in just three days, the King of Game Mountain is the three-headed Hydra of Michael, Franklin, and sweet, lovable, Trevor. This interesting turn-of-events places the traditional money printer genre, First Person Shooters, on […]

Social Media and Community Management Post Highlights 2014-Present

It has been dubbed the Halloween War, a galactic military campaign waged between two powerful factions, being played out on the biggest of virtual stages: EVE Online. Over the past four months, Pandemic Legion and N3 have engaged in several large-scale battles with their rival, CFC/RUS. This culminated in a Capital ship throwdown last week, […]

People fear risk to such an extent, they tend to make the bulk of their decisions based on trying not to lose— which is often the sub-optimal strategy if your goal is to profit. Many of us fear downside without properly factoring in the upside. When driven by emotion or irrational forces, there is a […]

Digital and Video Production Highlights from 2014 to present

As one of the most exciting and dangerous competitions in the world, the Volvo Ocean Race has become a must-see for anyone who has a passion for sailing. Leg One of the 2011-12 race has commenced with six of the best sailing crews on the globe leaving Alicante, Spain with their eye aimed directly at […]

Many watch companies have long and prestigious histories, with the development of their timepieces spanning not just decades, but centuries. Horology is an area of craftsmanship that requires complete focus and dedication, and although many have garnered excellent reputations and praise for their watches, there are only a few makers that have truly embodied the […]

Valve, the Gabe Newell-led paragon of PC gaming, has officially entered the battle for the living room. With the recent announcement of a new operating system, device, and controller input, the elite developer has everything in place to begin their ascent into the hearts and minds of entertainment consumers around the world. Note that I […]

The sophistication of hacker tools is increasing, and attacks have skyrocketed in number, making implementation of a proactive strategy one of the industrial production industry’s greatest imperatives. Refuse to simply react to these dangers by getting out in front of the threat and protecting your systems with the most innovative cyber-security protection. Unisys Stealth offers […]

With the new year comes fresh and exciting opportunities to experience the wonderful options for classical music lovers in Houston,Texas. One of the most prominent and long-awaited performances of the spring is on April 13th-15th, when conductor Pablo Heras-Casado and pianist Jon Kimura Parker combine forces for a magnificent series of old school and new […]

Data Analytics & The Dawn of a New Age in Political Campaigning The citizen-voters of today are viewed much differently from their historical counterparts. Not because human nature is radically different, but rather due to the fact and we now have the ability to understand and engage these individuals through technology. This unprecedented level of voter awareness was precipitated by the […]

The Nordic land of Skyrim is under siege and the call for a hero has yet to be answered. The great dragon Alduin has returned to Tamriel and must be stopped by any means necessary. As the last remaining dragonborn, gifted with The Voice, you are the only one who can save Skyrim from this ultimate […]

Unbeknownst to the average voter, congressional candidates, senate incumbents, and even the president himself, are harnessing big data to gain critical insight into the individuals they must target to win and hold political power. This comes mainly in the form of data analytics, a technology-focused method of information capture that has revolutionized life as we […]

Developing a company into a paragon of sustainability is now more important than ever. Environmentally-friendly sustainable buildings are not only essential from a moral standpoint; they can also be a solid financial investment.   According to the U.S. government, the nation’s 100+ million households and more than 4.7 million commercial buildings “consume more energy than […]

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oomba, Inc., a social media pioneer leading the way in organized play, is launching its long anticipated Tournament Management System™ at this year’s GenCon in Indianapolis, Aug. 14-17. Oomba simplifies tournaments by replacing paper and spreadsheets with a cloud-based social network and suite of mobile apps that aid in running large, live tournaments. […]

As climate and resource data continues to pour in from every corner of the globe, routinely proving humanity’s substantial effect on our only habitat, it is quickly becoming apparent that environmental protection is “in play” for investors. Finding sectors and markets that are safeguarded from the slow-burn damage of climate change is now an imperative […]

The arcade craze fell apart in the late 90’s. Nobody really noticed because they were too busy playing on their PC or shiny new Playstation console. Everyone thought, hey, why should I keep feeding these machines quarters (microtransactions? pfft….) when I can just play in the comfort of my own home? While this was partly […]

The world of big data is a growing behemoth, one whose swift rise has helped create an entirely new business and social landscape. Institutions and companies of all types from around the globe are scrambling to provide a more accurate analysis of their operations by using complex data sets. Since accurate analysis commonly leads to […]

The next stage in modern Naval warfare is upon us with the recent unveiling of the USS Zumwalt DDG 1000, a highly advanced Destroyer-class warship that implements the latest in electric power systems technology. So what makes this modern Kraken such a technological marvel? Representing over two decades of R&D, the USS Zumwalt blows other […]

While evolution tends to be a slow, multi-generational process, the entertainment industry has an amazing ability to take huge steps forward in very little time, allowing people to witness impressive leaps in technology and narrative before their very eyes. Film and television are the most popular and accessible forms of entertainment for the majority of […]

When it comes to the Twitterverse, perception is king. The new rules of the game are quite simple really: Know your audience, and know yourself! This basic Web 2.0 mindset could have saved a great deal of heartache for the PR department at JPMorgan. In what started as an innocent attempt at engaging their Twitter […]

The future of search is upon us with the recent unveiling of Google’s latest algorithm update, Hummingbird. The first change to their search algorithm since 2001, Hummingbird attempts to bring more predictive and relevant results to users by focusing on the exact context of the search, as opposed to the keywords contained within. As search […]

When it comes to climate change, the invisible elephant in the room is ocean acidification. Climate scientists have long considered it a legitimate concern, but only recently has it been found that the rate increase and ecological influence of acidification has exceeded our previous estimates. 500 of the worlds leading experts came together in 2012 […]

Created by German photographer Michael Najjar, “Space Debris I” is an amazing representation of the satellites, space junk, and everything else currently orbiting Earth. Beautiful, yet frightening, from just one glance it becomes quite obvious that space pollution is already a major problem for national and corporate interests around the globe. Even after accounting for the proliferation […]

The gaming industry seems to be in the “awkward teen” phase of its evolution. Straddling the line between adolescence and adulthood, it tries to be everything to everybody, leading to an identity crisis. Publishers still obediently answer to their investors (parents) and developers are forced to maintain the status-quo for fear of getting the axe […]

Video games are a highly visual medium. Always have been, always will be. Because of this, graphics and in-game visuals (for better or worse) have become a major barometer of a titles quality. While many core gamers will point to gameplay and immersiveness as primary reasons to buy a game, much of the general public […]

To use a Game of Thrones reference, if there was ever a House Stark of the gaming industry, it might have to be CD Projekt RED. Honorable, stoic, moral and driven, CDPR represents the best of the industry. While the Lannisters (Electronic Arts) Tyrells (Activision) Greyjoys (Ubisoft) and Targaryens (Square Enix) are all duking it […]

Non Profits in the 21st century have an extremely important role to play. While institutions are becoming too large to move quickly on important issues, nonprofits are nimble, agile, progressive, and vital to the health of our global society. Google understands the importance of nonprofits as well as anyone. This can be seen through the […]

Valve is making some serious bank. Although we have no idea what the exact numbers may be, considering that Valve is a highly-secretive, privately-held company,what we do know is that they are growing at a rate that would make Apple and Google jealous. During the BAFTA Awards and following his acceptance of the Academy Fellowship honor, Valve head honcho […]

This article was originally intended to show off the latest Elders Scrolls Online trailer that outlines the game’s gathering and exploration system (which we will get to eventually). But then I started thinking about how influential the Elder Scrolls series has been within the game industry over its lifetime and the fact that an overwhelming […]

We are right in the middle of Wall Street earnings season, and I know that everyone is as excited as I am! right? hello? anybody? Bueller…. Okay, so maybe it is an acquired taste, but when it comes down to the brass tacks, earnings calls can help identify details about a company that you would […]

The Star Wars video game brand has been in a state of  limbo ever since Disney decided to buy Lucasfilm and shutter internal developer LucasArts. Today we have finally received word on the fate of the Star Wars game franchise with the announcement that Electronic Arts has inked a multi-year, multi-title licensing deal with Disney. According […]

Just when you thought that CD Projekt RED could not get any cooler following their recent comments about the perils of DRM, they have to go ahead and let everyone know that they are using one of the greatest modern filmmakers as inspiration for their hugely anticipated RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. In a recent interview, game […]

I love studies that point to the benefits of playing video games. While the rest of society is complaining that all of us gamers are becoming violent sociopaths, we will just continue to play our favorite titles and reap the mental rewards. With recently released data, we have even more evidence that gaming is in […]

As you look for the best avenues to achieve steady growth and income during retirement, there are certainly no lack of options. With the glut of choices for where to put your assets to work, a vigilant and discerning eye is necessary in order to develop the proper strategy for your endgame. The classic term Buyer Beware […]

With uncertainty and volatility clouding the international financial markets as of late, knowing where to invest your money in order for it to grow can be a difficult proposition. There are thousands of avenues for individual investors to take, and the sheer amount of options can make anyone’s head spin. These reasons alone should prompt you […]

To many, finance and economics are like a foreign language, each with their own complicated lexicon of words that can seem indecipherable. Opportunity cost, capital gains, amortization, P/E ratio, inflation, deflation, stagflation…the list goes on and on. While the most effective way of learning would be to crack open a 101 textbook and start digging in, […]

Retirement….even saying the word during our current economic “cycle” invokes a sense of worry and trepidation from many nearing that age. Without a systematic plan, even financially vigilant retirees  run the risk of being unable to live at their preferred comfort level. Developing a smart and realistic retirement strategy is essential in giving you the best chance to achieve your […]

In the early 1980’s, a fresh alternative to the quickly fading company pension arrived on the scene.  This new retirement supplement was called a 401k and enabled companies to help their employees save for retirement while concurrently reducing taxable income. In essence, workers can choose to deposit part of their earnings into a 401k account, and […]

So, you are on the doorstep of retirement, the point in your life where everything is supposed to be smooth sailing from here on out.  The worries and stress of your professional career should fall by the wayside while you take the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Unfortunately, this is not reality […]