New Half-Life 2 Jurassic Park Mod is a Clever Girl….

One of the greatest questions in video games might be, “Why has there yet to be a good Jurassic Park game?” It just seems crazy to think that this has not happened. The setting is perfect: a remote tropical island, multiple  and varied protagonists, awesome shotguns and….well…dinosaurs! Considering the movie has been out for 20 years, it would seem like a missed opportunity (unless you count the licensed “gems” released on the SNES and Genesis). Fortunately, most gamers would declare, with absolute certainty, that a Dino game would be near the top of everyone’s list.

Even if there are no official plans for a studio iteration, through  ingenuity and a little elbow grease, current technology allows savvy gamers and developers to modify games in order to create their preferred experience. Using the Valve Source Engine, a few dedicated fans have modded the classic FPS Half-Life 2 so that you are able to experience the excitement of Isla Nublar  for yourself. Titled Jurassic Life, this HL2 mod recreates the signature atmosphere of the movie, bringing the lush vegetation, immense architecture, tricked-out Ford Explorers, and the famous command center, to life. Oh yeah, there’s a T-Rex as well….

Modding is one of the aspects of PC gaming that sets it apart from the consoles. While you can only update games through patches and downloadable content on an Xbox 360, you can take matters into your own hands by directly modifying the content on your computer. Jurassic Life is just the latest example of how creative the PC community really is.

I am guessing this is just a taste of things to come. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Hold onto your butts.”

As a way to continue the discussion further, are there any crazy mods that you would like to see in the future? Or what “skin” would you like your favorite game to have?  The possibilities are limitless. Let us know!

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