The Tyranny of a $30 Assassins Creed III DLC

I think the DLC craze is getting out of control and ACIII has further proven it. It was announced today that Ubisoft will be releasing the ACIII “The Tyranny of King Washington” expansion in 3 parts (with one each coming out Feb 16, March 19 and April 23).

This might not be so bad until you realize that each add-on is $10 apiece. So for a grand total of ONLY $30, you can play part of a DLC, wait a bit, play another part, wait even longer, and finally finish. Not very cool at all.

The Tyranny of DLC's

It is somewhat obvious that this is partly a “nudge” to get players to just go ahead and buy the Assassins Creed 3 Season Pass ($29.99). The pass gives you a 25% discount on all DLC, but the other two add-ons (Hidden Secrets and Battle Hardened pack) are quite small with only an extra hour of play and some new characters/maps.

The episodic release structure (ala The Walking Dead) could backfire on Ubisoft if the expansion is not received well. But in their mind, anything more than the initial $10 is likely a bonus.

This could be seen as a calculated and smart business move, or just the latest example of publishers milking their franchises for more than they are truly worth. Just getting the full King Washington DLC will mean that you have spent nearly $100 on a single title. This is a bit much, even for a game that you enjoy playing.

Will you be getting the Tyranny of King Washington DLC, considering the arguably shady way Ubisoft has decided to release it?


  1. Christopher · · Reply

    I most definitely will not be paying this money for the DLC’s.
    AC3 is a good game, but I don’t even see the need.

    All I say is greedy.

  2. And ubisoft wonders why so much of their shit is pirated… Bit paying $30 for a three part dlc just bad business ubisoft!

  3. Yo ho! Yo Ho!
    A Pirate’s Life for me!

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