G4 TV Will Soon Be The Esquire Network; Metrosexuals Rejoice

The last bastion for gamers on television will soon be taken out behind the shed and shot….with a very stylish  firearm that the NBC marketing department has decided is popular among the 18-34 demographic. G4 TV, the trailblazing television station that has catered to gamers for over ten years, will officially turn into the Esquire Network on April 22nd. The station will be rebranded as “an upscale Bravo for men,” and in doing so, will likely scare away the entire current viewer base.

Okay, so this news may not be too big of a deal for those of us who know how to use the internet to get our gaming info fix, but even so, not having a dedicated station on cable for interactive entertainment can be seen as a blow to the industry. Without G4, an entire medium has become almost completely devoid of  anything game-related (other than GameTrailers TV on Spike…but that isnt saying much).

Watch this channel...become manly

G4 at one point was pretty awesome. Early on, it had tech-centric shows that were a great information source for gamers. As the station  grew, its potential profitability did as well, and G4 became part of NBC Universal in 2011. With this pairing, the focus of the channel became more generalized, mostly to the detriment of gamers.

Reruns of Cops and other completely uninteresting shows followed, and it seemed that the station lost its way. But this was probably the intention all along, now that we have confirmation that G4 will soon be The Esquire Network.

So, it looks like “metrosexual” is back in style, and what once was the cynical X-Play and the hilarious Attack of the Show (at least when Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira were hosting), will now be reality cooking series and celebrity travel shows. Yikes. Thank god for the internet….

Any fond memories of G4 TV when it was good? Do you think television is an important medium for gaming?

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  1. Sasami Sakuya · · Reply

    The only fond memories of G4TV were AOTS w/ Kev and Olivia, and X-Play with Sessler.

    Other than that, I appreciated ZDTV/TechTV more.

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