You Will Not Be Playing this Star Wars Fighting Game

Video games are cancelled in development all the time, but when news comes out about a shuttered Star Wars game, ears will perk up and fans will take note of what “could have been.”

Unfortunately, the cancellation of Star Wars themed titles is quite common, with one of the more disappointing reports being the shut-down of Star Wars: Battlefront 3, the game that most of us were legitimately excited to get our hands on.

Well, we have another title to add to the Star Wars graveyard, an untitled Episode I-III fighting game led by the co-creator of Mortal Kombat. The now defunct Studio Gigante, founded all the way back in 2000 by John Tobias, was tasked with developing a Star Wars brawler for the Xbox, and it seems that they just couldn’t make it work.

Here is the recently released video footage of the game in action:

Although it may be a good thing that this was not released, it is a bit disappointing that Studio Gigante could not reach the level of quality needed, because everyone wants to take part in an epic lightsaber battle. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed did a relatively good job at scratching that itch, but a dedicated brawler would have been really nice to see (we are not even going to mention the Playstation “gem” Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi….damn, I just did).

I wanna beat up young Anakin...that pansy.

To add insult to injury, Studio Gigante’s other primary title in development around the same time was a Kill Bill themed fighter….which would have been pretty awesome as well. But if the level of polish and gameplay experience is not there, it is probably better that we didn’t see a finished product (yes, I am looking right at you Aliens: Colonial Marines!)

What genre of game would you like to see in the Star Wars universe? Would a fighter ever work, and if so, what would the developer need to focus on to make it a great game?

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