The Best of Kickstarter Games

Kickstarter is chock-full of games that show a great deal of promise. Cool concepts and settings spark interest, but the majority will fail to provide much more than that. Since these titles are funded by gamers like us, there is a financial risk in supporting anything on Kickstarter. So getting a strong understanding of which projects have the greatest potential could take some time. Instead of scouring the hundreds of game descriptions that will inevitably end with a plea for your money, I will try and make your life a bit easier by letting you know what PC titles are worth looking into. Let us begin…..

Roger Dodger

Star Citizen – This game looks epic. By far one of the best I have seen on Kickstarter. Developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen is a Space Sim from the mind of well-known game designer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander).

Star Citizen is set in a large universe and focuses on space adventure, trading and dog-fighting in first person. There is co-op play and Mod-able multiplayer, with visuals  that are extremely impressive. Since funding is already looking quite solid for this title, they will likely meet their stretch goals, which includes the ability to create a universe with an estimated 100 star systems to explore at launch. This game is going to be big. Prior success in the industry is a somewhat strong indicator of how a game will fare in crowdfunding, so considering Chris Roberts’ history, this game’s future is looking very bright.

Want to play as a cyborg ninja? We got ya covered...

Project Awakened – This game is all about character creation. With a huge number of options to create the exact hero (or villain) of your choice, the possibilities are vast. Project Awakened makes use of the Unreal Engine 4, which helps explain why it is easily one of the best looking Kickstarter titles around.

One of the more interesting aspects of Project Awakened is the modular ability system, which allows players to select from a large number of abilities and combine them in unique ways. So create a ninja, sniper, spec ops soldier or anything else your heart desires, and unleash them on the expansive open world that the game was designed around.

Bring out yer dead!

Death Inc. – Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to the 17th century and spread the Bubonic Plague? Me too.

In Death Inc. you play as a freelance grim reaper (awesome) and you are tasked with ransacking farms and cities, killing knights and noblemen, all with the goal of gathering the most souls possible.Use these harvested souls as currency to expand your base of operations by hiring underlings, building new structures and unlocking  units, upgrades and special abilities. With a humorous tone and excellent art design, Death Inc seems like it will be a fun experience.

The Golem is about to wreck shop...

The Golem – Moonbot Studios is everything you want in a small developer. A bunch of talented friends brought together by their love for games. What they have created is The Golem, an action-RPG that focuses most of its attention on telling a great story.

Based off of Jewish folklore, The Golem goes back to an origin story that has influenced countless movies and books throughout history (such as Frankenstein, Terminator and Prometheus). Set in the early 16th Century, the game is tells the story of Rabbi Loew,  a great scientist and religious leader who is trying to stop the evil Cesare Borgia and his army. He finds his inspiration for how to defeat the invaders through a vision of a giant man made of clay, wood, metal and stone – A Golem. Throughout the course of the game, you learn to wield the Golem’s great power and aid in its quest to “find a soul.” Controlling the huge creature seems like it is going to be a lot of fun, and its nice to know that Moonbot looks to be developing this title for all the right reasons.

This seems familiar, but in a good way...

At The Gates – The brainchild of Civ 5 designer Jon Shafer, At the Gates lets you to lead a barbarian kingdom to glory during the last days of the Roman Empire. After learning a great deal about what to do (and not to do) in order to develop a great turn-based-strategy game, Shafer is dead set on providing an even more well-rounded experience than Civilization 5.  This is no easy task, but the respected designer seems like hes up to it.

At the Gates is a lean and efficient empire builder that focuses on great gameplay as opposed to a huge scope. An improved enemy A.I. is one of Shafer’s main goals, an aspect of Civ 5 that seemed to flounder at times. The passion and pedigree in this project definitely bodes well for its future prospects.

There you have it. The list to end all lists….until we find more cool games, of course. Did we miss any projects that you are excited for? Let us know!


  1. Where’s Cryamore? A sweet looking old school RPG that’s actually still in the funding process! They have some nice screens up, some music up, it’s looking amazing. A little more funding and it’ll be on PC, iPad, Android, Linux, PS3, X-Box and Wii-U! Give a look and a nudge!

    1. Good call. I almost added Cryamore, but the game (at least at this point) seems to be more about style than substance. I definitely am interested, but worried about what the end result will actually be…Lets hope I am proven wrong!

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