SC2 MMO Mod, StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate is Available Now

A dream crossover that Blizzard fans have been patiently waiting for has finally become a reality with the SC2 MMO mod, StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate. A group of modders, led by Ryan Winzen, have been hard at work over the past few years creating this ambitious title, and now everyone finally has a chance to see what the lovechild of SC2 and WoW would look like.To get a glimpse of what you can expect from SCU, here is the video trailer:

Formerly known as World of StarCraft (good call on the name change), SCU: Chronicles of Fate is pretty much an all-new game experience built with the StarCraft 2 tool set. In a basic sense, the title brings the multiplayer raids from World of WarCraft to the StarCraft universe.

SCU: Chronicles of Fate

Although the mod is single-player at the moment, 5-10 player support will be coming at a later date. The game itself features eight playable classes and extensive character customization.

Along with the ability to create your own character, the title includes more than 40 player and NPC models, many of which are fully-voiced by professional actors like Michael Gough (Deckard Cain in the Diablo series and Karma in LoL.)

StarCraft Universe also comes with a custom physics engine (built by DarkRevenant, i.e. author of the “Mafia” mod for SC2) and even has original music composed by David Orr (Castle Crashers). Being a mod, a copy of StarCraft 2 is needed to play, so if you own the game, check out this labor of love made by your peers.

Have you been able to get your hands on this mod? Let us know what you think about StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate.

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  1. Gave it a run through, and was actually quite pleased with it. The only thing that bothered me is the camera mechanic. Middle mouse is annoying to use an not all mice have the damn things. It would be nice if I could either assign a different button or they would just switch to right mouse like most MMOs have it set.

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