Stop Sucking at Dota 2 with New Hero Builds

Dota 2 is notoriously difficult for those who are new to the MOBA genre. The learning curve is basically vertical when you do not have the right information about the game’s heroes and what they can do. This has been one of the primary barriers of entry, so finding an easy-to-use resource to help aid in your development is a vital aspect to the growth of the game.  This is where Hero Builds come in….

A Hero Build is a subscribable guide that is used as a resource for players to gain knowledge about a specific character. These builds, which can be used in-game, instruct you on which abilities to level up and when, and what the best items are for your hero. Create your own or search the community for the best ones. These builds also contain tool-tips on strategies, tactics and any other knowledge the author wants to share with other players.

As for creating a Hero Build, all you need to do is log into, click on the “Builds” tab in the “Heroes” section, and then simply choose “Create New Hero Build.” From here you will be able to pick a hero and find the most effective items and abilities for that particular character. Builds can be overlayed with a new in-game option, fittingly called the “Hero Build Panel.” This is a brand-new feature, so as more and more hero builds are created, the helpfulness will become even more apparent.

What do you think of Hero Builds? Will this help bring new players into the highly competitive MOBA space?


  1. Sagara Shinji · · Reply

    Yes! At last! I was waiting this upgrade since always. There are times when you want to try a new raw build out but you don’t want to play a game to find it out, so you need THIS! Thank to who-ever took the decision to put this system on DotA 2.

  2. Яลร™ aka Барaн ☢ · · Reply

    This is a really nice feature. Mobafire ingame for Dota 2.

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