Deus Ex: Human Revolution Film Moving Forward; Will Not Be a Rehash of the Game

When playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it is almost impossible not to imagine it as a movie. The immersive storyline and abundant source material within the game creates a cinematic and complex atmosphere that screams feature film. This fact has not been lost on Hollywood, which has begun the process of making Deus Ex into a motion picture. And unlike countless other examples throughout history,  this is actually a good thing…..

The two individuals tasked with creating the Deus Ex feature are Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill (Sinister) and director Scott Derrickson (The Day the Earth Stood Still). The pair recently discussed the theme of the film  in an interview with Crave Online, and let everyone know that they will be focusing on a realistic visual approach and a script that respects the game’s complex narrative. When asked about the overall scope and film-making philosophy they will attempt to convey, Cargill replied to the question by saying:

Deus Ex: The Movie

“The chief philosophy is we’re not making a video game movie, we’re making a cyberpunk movie. We’ve taken a look at what’s worked in video games and what hasn’t, and really what we’ve broken down is what we think the audience really wants, [what] the audience that loves Deus Ex is going to want to see out of a Deus Ex movie. And it’s not a rehashing of the game.”

Derrickson added to this sentiment by saying, “The thing about Deus Ex, the landscape is massive. I mean, it is a big, broad, sprawling game, and look, it’s impossible to get the aesthetic of that game into a single movie,” Derrickson says. “That’s the nature of turning a video game into a movie, is keeping the elements that are iconic and important, [that] advance the game, but also recognizing that if that’s all you do, you’ll just make another bad video game movie.”

Cargill also made sure to mention District 9, Looper and Inception specifically as films that Deus Ex will follow in terms of offering a fresh experience. He noted that these movies showed audiences things they have not seen before (which can be very powerful at a time when rehashing old ideas has become the norm) and they want to create a film that has a similar effect on those watching.

The director and screenwriter seem to understand the perilous waters they are entering and are using a necessary amount of caution.  Finding the most cinematic aspects of the game and using them to create a proper movie going experience will be their main challenge. This will be tough to do, but from what we have heard up to this point, it seems that they are on the right track.

Do you think these guys can pull off making a good Deus Ex movie? And, more immediately, who do you think should play Adam Jensen?


  1. I don’t know really but that photo reminded me of Jean-Claude Van Damme

    1. yeah and hopefully he’s not gonna be playing my Jensen 😛

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