Landlubbers Need Not Apply; Next Assassins Creed May be Pirate-Themed

The gaming rumor mill is currently running at full capacity with heavy speculation over the details surrounding Assassins Creed IV. Kotaku reported earlier today that leaked Ubisoft marketing materials, including a poster of an assassin taking  out swashbuckling foes on the deck of a pirate ship, were sent to their office. On the bottom of the poster image was the text, “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” giving us an idea of what the actual title may be.

Alleged ACIV Promo Poster

This latest piece of the puzzle comes after Ubisoft chief , Yves Guillemot, mentioned a few weeks ago that the next AC game will be a complete reboot with a brand-new protagonist. Thoughts about where the title would go initially favored an Asian setting, but this news makes the seafaring route much more likely.

When looking at what was developed for AC3, this direction does make complete sense, considering that they spent so much time on creating believable (and enjoyable) sea combat. Ubisoft probably saw how successful this part of the game was and likely wanted to continue building on this great foundation.

But what can we expect with regards to how they will approach the story? With a pirates theme, there will likely be a change in tone. History tells us (from almost every pirate game/movie ever) that we could be looking at a transition a slightly more lighthearted and campy perspective. The leaked poster shows this as well, with a somewhat “comic book” feel to it. Although you do not want to take this too far, it may be a mistake to develop an overly serious take on the genre. But this is coming from a fan of Monkey Island and other humorous pirate games, so a darker, more realistic perspective (ala Master & Commander) could be effective as well, if done correctly.

Do you like this new (alleged) direction? What do you think is needed to make a great Assassins Creed pirate game? Let us know!

Source: Kotaku

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