Get Your Exercise by Playing Skyrim With the Virtuix Omni

Ok, so maybe you wont achieve your optimal weight through virtual reality alone, but a new device is ushering in the next stage of VR  by allowing players to use those two things that we seem to commonly forget about…..what were they called again? Oh yeah…legs.

With all the talk about the Oculus Rift being the first virtual reality headset that is actually enjoyable to use, another competitor has quietly entered the fray and added 360 degree lower body movement to the experience.

Hope I can outrun Mudcrabs....

The new guy on the block is known as Virtuix Omni. The Omni is described by its maker as “the first first locomotion device that is affordable for household consumers, fits in a living room, and above all, enables the user to walk freely and naturally in virtual environments.”

The device includes both a headset and treadmill-type surface that looks uncannily like a baby walker for adults. Prototype modeling aside, it is very cool tech that could help create an immersive experience that most gamers would love to have. Although the thought of “exercising” while playing video games is somewhat frightening in my opinion (especially after spending some time on the Kinect), if done correctly, it could be immensely satisfying.

The demo video makes use of the game most people would think of first when considering what title would be awesome in VR: Skyrim. Showing off basic leg and head movement, the device seems to have pretty good reaction time:

Although this is just a prototype, the potential is definitely there. The Omni will soon be added to Kickstarter, so interested individuals can help fund this technology and ensure its launch.

Do you think the Virtuix Omni looks like it can turn into something great? What do you want to see from this full body VR device?


  1. MasterDevil · · Reply

    I laughed the fist time i saw it
    but it’s quite awesome

  2. I’m not impressed before i see him sprint

    1. yeah, we were discussing that earlier…plus, the backpedaling that most players end up doing when fighting could also be extremely awkward!

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