Age of Empires II HD Edition Coming to Steam

Those epic battles between the Britons and Turks will now look better than ever with the announcement that Age of Empires II HD Edition is coming to Steam on April 9th. The RTS classic continues to have a strong following, even 15 years after its initial release, so the announcement by Microsoft today is great to hear for many fans. With the original developer Ensemble Studios now defunct, Hidden Path Entertainment (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) has taken the helm on the remake.

Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!

According to Microsoft, Age of Empires II HD Edition has been remastered for high-resolution displays at 1080p, and includes an “enhanced visual engine” that improves textures for terrain, water and fire, and ambient lighting effects.

There are also Steamworks features for the remake, which adds achievements, leaderboards,  matchmaking and cloud support. Gamers can also share user created content through the Steam Workshop.

Microsoft released minimum specs for the title as well:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Pro
Steam Software Platform
900×600 minimum display resolution
Direct X 9 Capable GPU
1.2GHz CPU

The game’s full price is pegged at $20, but those who preorder will be able to get Age of Empires II HD Edition for $17.99. On top of that, early purchasers will also be able to start playing on April 5th. So basically, it is dumb not to preorder this game if you plan on buying.

Are you excited for this remake?


  1. (A)/KoS/Alle · · Reply

    you know what could be even better, if it didnt requarie steam or any other of that crap.

    1. Cheker32 · · Reply


  2. 2011.5.7 se je ubio

  3. Hmm or I could buy the original for about 3$ and download a texture pack, and on top of it all it doesn’t require Steam.

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