Right Near Da Beach; Tropical Skyrim Mod Brings Warm Weather To The Elder Scrolls V

Are you tired of the gloomy weather, biting wind and frozen landscape of Skyrim? Ever wanted to turn those Eldergleams into Palm Trees or take off your heavy winter Dragonplate in favor of light and airy leopard fur armor? Or have you ever wondered what it is like to fight a Panda in the dense jungle? Yeah, me too. Fortunately,this is all possible with the new Tropical Skyrim mod.

What is termed as a climate overhaul for the epic RPG, Tropical Skyrim brings various warm weather climates to the continent, including rain forests  volcanoes, desert biomes, dense jungles and sandy beaches. Its like playing the movie Bio-Dome, only without the ridiculous antics of Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. A win-win in my book.



As for the wildlife, along with surprisingly aggressive Pandas, you will now find Tigers, Gorillas, Seals, Jungle Spiders and Raptors in your path. Among the other notable features, this mod also includes:

  • Ice Caves retextured to stone and moss
  • Changes in the look of water
  • Nordic ruins retextured to look like ayleid ruins
  • The Aspen forest has been converted into a dense bamboo forest
  • Coastal areas now feature warm sands and shady palms

To see this mod in action, check out the video here:

As you can see, it looks great and brings a brand new aesthetic to the game. It seems like you are playing in the Summerset Isles or Valenwood as opposed to Skyrim, which can be a breath of fresh air. I personally like the vegetation of Morrowind and Oblivion, so having a mod that can bring a similar look to the game is very cool to see.

If you want to try it out yourself, just go to its nexusmods page – Tropical Skyrim — A Climate Overhaul

Let us know what you think of Tropical Skyrim. Will this help get you back into the game (if you ever left)?

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