Aldous Huxley Would be Proud; Civilization V: Brave New World Coming Soon

Civilization V is one of those games that takes more of your time than you would ever expect. “Just one more turn” is one of the most common (and inaccurate)  statements made while playing. And I would not have it any other way. Now we have yet another reason to get back into the society-building frame of mind, in the form of the second expansion pack, Brave New World.

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The new content expands on culture and diplomacy, while offering nine new civilizations, eight wonders and two new scenarios.

This includes a “World Congress” (think United Nations) which allows you to create and vote on resolutions, impose trade sanctions on rogue nations (I’m looking at you Ghandi!) and setting rules for the use of nuclear weapons, among others. So basically, this expansion brings present day political and cultural considerations to the mix.

There is also the introduction of international trade routes, which allows you to spread your goods, services, and even culture, by land and sea. This also leads into the new Cultural Victory terms, where artistic, cultural and scientific prowess will lead to winning the global race to power.

The two new scenarios in the expansion are known as “War Between the States” and “Scramble for Africa.” The former allows players to pick a side in the American Civil War and fight for control of Richmond and Washington. In Scramble for Africa,  players work against other civilizations to explore and establish control in a dynamically generated Africa.

Civ V: Brave New World

New wonders include the Parthenon, Broadway, and the Uffizi. Among the newly introduced civilizations, you will get to play as Poland, led by Casimir III. This is a particularly interesting civilization because, from what I learned in school, these guys owned the most valuable real estate in Europe back in the day and had to deal with constant invasions from all sides. And they held strong the entire time…until the 20th century, of course.

But enough with the history lessons, this expansion brings a ton of new material and should be considered by anyone who wants to add a bit of current-day intrigue to the already complex (but extremely satisfying) gameplay.

Expect to enter the Brave New World this summer.

Are you excited about this latest Civilization V expansion?

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  1. Can’t wait. A very worrying 1200 hours on my Xfire profile shows how much of my life I’ve spent playing this game….

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