SimCity and Game of Thrones Unite Under One Banner

The SimCity launch was certainly a “feast of crows” for EA and Maxis, with gamers everywhere up in arms about how it all went down. So what is a sure-fire way to lessen ill-will toward a video game that marred its own launch? Free games are a good start, but if you want to get serious, just attach the untarnished reputation of Game of Thrones to it.

The George R.R. Martin epic series is a universally praised creative achievement that nearly every gamer/reader/HBO junkie in the world is a fan of. So when the going gets tough, just bring the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens in to the mix, and you may just salvage some of the PR disaster.

Ok, so maybe SimCity will never truly recover from its historically brutal release, but at least we get a sweet Game of Thrones-themed intro video for our troubles. Check it out here:

See? Anything with that GoT music and look makes the underlying product instantly cooler. And instead of stewing about never being able to get on a properly working server, you can just dream of Westeros while waiting. Its a win-win.

Major props to the original poster ScHiLLaaR for making this sweet SimCity Game of Thrones intro video. EA and Maxis are surely thankful as well.

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