Battlefield 4 Expected to Use All-New Frostbite 3 Engine

Direct from Stockholm, Sweden, we have received reports that DICE will be making use of a brand new engine for the soon-to-be-announced Battlefield 4. First expected to use an upgraded version of Frostbite 2, news from the Swedish press, following a closed-door reveal, suggests that the developer will power BF4 with the all-new Frostbite 3 Engine.

According to the report, the new engine will bring improved destruction to Battlefield 4, allowing for buildings to be completely destroyed at high levels of detail. Additionally, the engine will bring a better lighting system, new animations, a brand new weather system and more. But the important question is, will a more efficient engine be enough to hold the attention of FPS fans who are looking for something new from the saturated modern shooter market?

Xfire will be at GDC on Friday for the EA/Dice announcement, so we will bring you official Battlefield 4 news as it comes in. Stay tuned.

Here are some leaked images to hold you over until then:












Source: BF4Central ; images: Gamespot


  1. Tomahawk · · Reply

    Exacto; concuerdo con el informe. La mejora gráfica es bienvenida y es condición necesaria para que bf4 sea un éxito pero no suficiente.
    Se dice que bf4 traerá las batallas navales, eso seria un aporte extraordinario, la cual nunca debió salir de la serie.
    Las batallas navales fueron fundamentales en el bf 1942 y se extrañaron en entregas posteriores.
    Es imperioso que incluyan mapas para 128 jugadores mínimo.

  2. cjkhxzgfkhfgjkkhfl

  3. /Kos/HellDragon · · Reply

    Im looking forward to the single player campaign mode. It looks like a incredible story line. And as for the multiplayer Im looking forward to lots of big improvements in the game play.

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