Mojang's Latest Creation, Scrolls, Enters PC Beta in April

The stratospheric success of Minecraft developer Mojang has been nothing short of amazing. A simple idea and an unwavering focus on the importance of independence have made the Swedish developer one of the most respected and well-known dev houses in the world, within a very short amount of time.

Even though they could coast on the power of Minecraft alone, they are continuing to innovate and bring new IP’s to gamers. The latest Mojang creation is known as Scrolls, and is expected to enter open beta in April. A collectible card game (which seems to be popular at the moment, with the announcement of Hearthstone, Blizzard’s entry into the genre), Scrolls allows you to “create your own personalized army from a digital deck before unleashing it in battles with players from around the world.”


Jakob Porser, the co-founder of Mojang, discussed the Beta with Polygon earlier, saying that, “We are aiming for release at the end of April and it’s looking pretty good. “We’ve been wanting to release it for awhile because we want to have the same sort of development as Minecraft.”

It is important to note that the test phase will require PC gamers to pay for access. Porser acknowledged this by mentioning, “We’ll release it early at a discount. With the help from our community, we’ll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that.”

Although I have never gotten into the collectible card genre, when two developers with the reputation of Mojang and Blizzard enter the space, it may be a good time to try it out. Are you interested in this genre? Let us know!

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  1. I never was a big fan of this type of games but of course that i will play it

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