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Minecraft Creators Crack Time's 100 Most Influential People List

Often relegated to the periphery of global influence, the game industry can be viewed as black sheep of sorts. It operates a bit differently than most industries, often becomes the scapegoat when society is scared about something, and trends towards artful idealism (a foreign term for the bulk of international business.) But it seems that […]

Kifflom – Happiness is Yours! GTA V "Epsilon Program" Gets Weird

It’s about that time for Rockstar to start heavily advertising what some have termed the “savior” of the game industry in 2013…or better known as Grand Theft Auto V. What better way to prepare for that momentous day than by drawing on our own piety and getting super religious! For the GTA fans among us, […]

That Escalated Quickly! LoL Pro's Personal Feed Hits Nearly 140,000 Viewers for 1v1 Duel

It was the interwebs version of meeting by the oak tree after school. Mike “Wickd” Peterson, a LoL pro who plays for the team Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic’s Paul “SOAZ” Boyer were both neck-and-neck with hours to go in public voting for the final European spot in the League Championship series All-Star Game. Each held […]

The Grand Experiment Pays Off Early: Defiance Crossover TV Series Draws 2.7 Million Viewers

Some would say that a video game/television show crossover is a little on the ambitious side. I would have to agree. Combining the two forms of entertainment has never been pulled off successfully.  But this may all change with Defiance, a brave new IP that brings both mediums together in an innovative and interesting way. […]

Would You Play Mad Max: The Game?

It is always fun to speculate about what movies and creative properties would make great video games. Although I am still waiting for a great Jurassic Park title (something similar to this would be nice), another particularly intriguing movie adaptation on the short list is Mad Max, the iconic post-apocalyptic film starring everyone’s favorite nutcase, Mel Gibson. The […]

"Half-Assed" Development of Dark Souls PC Port Won't Be Repeated, Says Director

Dark Souls, the hugely successful, brutally difficult title developed by From Software, made huge waves when it was released.  Unfortunately, PC gamers were unable to play the game because it was only available on consoles. A fan petition was effective enough in bringing the title to the PC, but the results were far from what gamers expected. […]

Thanks A Lot Windows 8; PC Shipments Suffer Worst Quarterly Declince on Record

Even though PC gaming is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with developers and publishers realizing the importance of the space, the PC industry in general is having a tough go at it. According to data from the IDC (International Data Corporation) PC shipments suffered the worst single quarter decline since they started recording stats. In the first quarter […]

Restoring the Balance; League of Legends Patch 3.5 Goes Live

Developer Riot Games has now posted a brand new update for their flagship MOBA title in the form of patch 3.5, bringing with it fresh balancing tweaks for many popular Champions. Check out the full changelog for League of Legends patch 3.5 below, via the official blog. Akali As an assassin, Akali should be a champion with high […]

Are You Not Entertained? Latest Total War: Rome II 30000×9785 Panoramic is Biggest TW Screenshot Ever

Creative Assembly is going big with Total War: Rome II. If all of the video previews and announcements of factions over the past few months have not been enough, then have a look at the latest image taken from the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. At 30000×9785, the panoramic of the famous skirmish, where the Romans […]

One Big Happy Family; Latest Xbox Mirrors Playstation 4 with a PC-like Design

Hey gamers, can’t we all just get along? Well, it looks like it is going to be much easier to do so, with news that the two major next-gen consoles will both contain a PC-like architecture. In a report from classy finance site Bloomberg, it has been revealed that the Xbox 720 will shift its […]