Are You Not Entertained? Latest Total War: Rome II 30000×9785 Panoramic is Biggest TW Screenshot Ever

Creative Assembly is going big with Total War: Rome II. If all of the video previews and announcements of factions over the past few months have not been enough, then have a look at the latest image taken from the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. At 30000×9785, the panoramic of the famous skirmish, where the Romans were defeated by the united Germanic tribes, is the largest Total War screenshot ever.

Check out the epic screenshot in all its glory at Total War Wiki.

Here are some of the different sections of the image:

Celebrating victory...German Style





Raining Fire Arrows...damn you global warming

The cavalry....and one showoff


















As you can see, the game is huge and the battles will be an impressive sight…..if your computer can handle it. With 500 unit types, 183 map regions and 117 factions, the scale of Rome II is unprecedented.  Expect Rome II to release sometime “later” this year (likely in the Fall).

Are you excited for Total War: Rome II? And somewhat more importantly, will your PC rig be able to handle this massive scale? Let us know!

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