Would You Play Mad Max: The Game?

It is always fun to speculate about what movies and creative properties would make great video games. Although I am still waiting for a great Jurassic Park title (something similar to this would be nice), another particularly intriguing movie adaptation on the short list is Mad Max, the iconic post-apocalyptic film starring everyone’s favorite nutcase, Mel Gibson.

Is that you, dogmeat?

The setting, characters, plotlines and aesthetic of Mad Max all lend themselves well to a video game adaptation. This fact has not been lost on Warner Bros. who snatched up a number of Mad Max domains recently. To be specific, the movie studio (who was the original distributor of Mad Max 1, 2 and Beyond Thunderdome)  registered MadMaxGame, MadMaxTheGame and WorldGoneMadLegendofMax.

A Mad Max video game could go a few different directions. We could see a title that uses the larger Mad Max universe and setting, creating a standalone game with an original storyline, or we might see a game focused on the upcoming Mad Max movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. It is still uncertain, but considering that the movie is currently subtitled Fury Road, it would seem that we would more likely see a variation of the first option as opposed to a tie-in.

Boss Fight!

Personally, I would be happy with a game focused almost entirely on Beyond Thunderdome. Just think about it, looting items to trade in Bartertown, gladiator-esque prize fights in the arena, boss fights with Master Blaster, and an “evil queen” antagonist would all make for an epic playthrough.

As for who is developing the Mad Max game, rumors have been swirling over the past few months that Avalanche Studios is taking the helm. CEO Cristofer Sundberg, a serial tweeter, referenced two unannounced next-gen titles they are working on.

One of these is almost certainly Just Cause 3, and the other is Avalanche’s “first licensed title” based off a “well-known movie.” This alleged adaptation is rumored to be slated for an April 2014 release on “next-generation console platforms and PC.” Lets hope its Mad Max.

On your list of game adaptations that need to be made, where does Mad Max fall? What other movies do you think would make excellent games?


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  2. Tomahawk · · Reply

    Mad Max es una historia muy vieja. Tendrían que intentar algo con Naruto, algo fresco y que este de moda en el momento.
    Hollywood siempre llega tarde con sus adaptaciones.
    Recordemos hitman y prince of percia por decir algunas y ni que hablar de dragon ball, una película totalmente a destiempo.
    Hacer un juego de Mad Max es sumamente riesgoso al igual que las películas de Mortal Kombat 2013
    Propongo unos juegos para pc del estilo acción aventura de Naruto y Naruto Shippūden y porque no una película de Hollywood YAAA!!!; y no en 10 o 15 años cuando la saga este absolutamente muerta.

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