Learn How Not To Suck At ARMA 3


There are a few titles with such a gnarly learning curve that new players will be thrown to the wolves if they do not gain a strong understanding of the basics. ARMA is one of those games. Fortunately, Bohemia Interactive knows this and are more than willing to help make the transition from ‘normal’ video games to the hyper-realistic, tactical military shooter genre, a bit easier.

Bohemia, with the help of a well known player, has released three licensed community videos that focus on what is needed to compete in ARMA 3. ShackTactical’s Andrew “Dslyecxi” Gluck provides commentary in the videos, which all focus on different aspects of getting started and becoming an effective soldier.

The first is an introduction video of sorts that goes over “what ARMA 3 is all about” and what makes it a unique part of the PC gaming space:

The second video centers around how to develop into a proficient infantryman. It goes over proper awareness and positioning, while also discussing how to react to enemy contact and the basics of shooting:

The third video in the community series focuses on the main tenets of multiplayer, showing you how to communicate with your squad and become an effective team player:

The importance of being prepared before entering the fray cannot be stated enough for ARMA 3. If you don’t learn your role and stay frosty while playing, the results will not be good.

What are your thoughts on this genre of game? Do you love the realism of ARMA or do you prefer a more action-oriented experience? Let us know.

For more info on ARMA 3, head over to their website.

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