Advertising: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

To advertise or not to advertise, that is the question, Holmes.

Famed economist Milton Friedman once said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. This statement, unfortunately, is all too true.

The Xfire staff are gamers, just like you, and all of us know what it is like to be nickel and dimed. We definitely don’t like this, and it is one of the major reasons why we have done everything in our power to operate Xfire as a free service for our users.

However, as you can imagine, we have certain hard costs like servers, keeping the power on, and feeding our malnourished staff. So, we have the challenge of finding revenue sources that do not draw from the pockets of our users. Instead of charging a monthly fee, we have chosen to run advertisements on our site to make up the difference. By watching these ads, you are helping keep Xfire 100% free.

Unlike with television and radio, where advertisers pay for the ‘potential’ of reaching audiences, the fate of websites like ours operate on ‘results,’ making the viewing of ads essential in our long-term sustainability.

Support Xfire, turn off adblockers

Placing an ad-blocker, negatively impacts our ability to provide the best free service possible, which affects the entire Xfire community.

When you whitelist us from your ad blockers, it becomes much easier for us to respond to the important issues and provide the gaming environment that everyone wants.

If you are a supporter of Xfire and want to see the service grow, improve, and thrive, while staying 100% free, please consider adding us to your whitelist.


  1. Besiuk · · Reply

    Im a big fan of Xfire and i’d love to support you. But there is a big issue with the ads you have on your site:
    The videos! It’s a big pain in the ass if your wanna surf at night with speakers on.
    I have a offer for you: I turn my ABP off and you remove the videos. Deal or no deal?

    Screenshot of this mess:

  2. I have disabled Adblock Plus on for like years now since XFire gave me more convenience in gaming and will continue on.

  3. NeonFishy · · Reply

    Of course I will disable it, however if there is sound on the adverts that is what gets me. It makes people go out there way to find where the sound is coming from and then turn it off.

  4. DzonnyGTR · · Reply

    Ok I love xfire aspecially 2.0 verison so I disabled adblock, but I think it would be nice as an option to disable advertisments by donating. I would pay a few bucks for ad free xfire

  5. >>UB's<< St Pauli · · Reply

    no. stick your ads up where the sun don’t shine. And if that means a subscription, RIP XFIRE lol

  6. Darlin · · Reply

    No. I won’t turn my AdBlock off

  7. CrazySpike · · Reply

    I don’t use xfire’s video service, I refuse to see the crap on screen. The client ad’s have been non intrusive so far, so I have yet to host file those. If you wish for ad compliance, please abide by AdBlockPlus rules non intrusive advertising claus. Member Since: 2005-10-03

  8. I’d be happy to as long as they don’t make noise.. moving images is one thing, but hunting down a video in one of my tabs is really inconvenient.

    I’ll keep an eye out and will disable them after I don’t have to hear.

  9. Saici · · Reply

    Adblock Plus (Xfire-Exception set)
    Better PopUp-Blocker (Xfire-Exception set)
    Plugins (Click-to-Play set)

    Can see ads, cannot see videos with annoying sound (also, they cannot open just like that)

    Keep it up, Xfire!

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