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One Does Not Simply…Tack on Multiplayer and Force DRM; CD Projekt RED Strikes Again

To use a Game of Thrones reference, if there was ever a House Stark of the gaming industry, it might have to be CD Projekt RED. Honorable, stoic, moral and driven, CDPR represents the best of the industry. While the Lannisters (Electronic Arts) Tyrells (Activision) Greyjoys (Ubisoft) and Targaryens (Square Enix) are all duking it […]

7 Tools from Google for Your Non Profit Organization (Insperia Media)

Non Profits in the 21st century have an extremely important role to play. While institutions are becoming too large to move quickly on important issues, nonprofits are nimble, agile, progressive, and vital to the health of our global society. Google understands the importance of nonprofits as well as anyone. This can be seen through the […]

Valve is Taking Over The World

Valve is making some serious bank. Although we have no idea what the exact numbers may be, considering that Valve is a highly-secretive, privately-held company,what we do know is that they are growing at a rate that would make Apple and Google jealous. During the BAFTA Awards and following his acceptance of the Academy Fellowship honor, Valve head honcho […]

The Lucrative Independence of Mojang

The life of Mojang has been a charmed existence. You will be hard-pressed to find a better example of simplicity and momentum taking a company as far as Mojang has gone. If one should feel the need to quantify this epic rise to cultural and financial juggernaut, just last week it was revealed that Markus Persson and company […]

The Rise of the Looters

This article was originally intended to show off the latest Elders Scrolls Online trailer that outlines the game’s gathering and exploration system (which we will get to eventually). But then I started thinking about how influential the Elder Scrolls series has been within the game industry over its lifetime and the fact that an overwhelming […]

From BioWare to Beer: The Bittersweet Journey of Greg Zeschuck

What is going on at BioWare? Ever since their merger with EA, the acclaimed developer has not really been the same. Hmm, I may have just answered my own question…..Either way, the change in tone from the BioWare founders over the past few years has been jarring. It seemed like yesterday when Greg Zeschuck and […]

The State of Take-Two Interactive: 2013 Edition

We are about done with the all-important earnings week for the major players in the video game industry. The only titan we have left to discuss is Take-Two Interactive, the innovative, unwavering black sheep of the gaming space. Being the smallest of the three major publishers (behind the previously discussed Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard), […]

EA's New MOBA Dawngate Looks…Familiar

Taking a similar trajectory as the FPS arms race that has occurred over the past 15 years, the MOBA genre is starting to get real crowded, with very few discernible features between competing titles. The top dogs, League of Legends and DotA made the genre what it is today, and now that other publishers have seen how […]

The State of Activision Blizzard: 2013 Edition

We are right in the middle of Wall Street earnings season, and I know that everyone is as excited as I am! right? hello? anybody? Bueller…. Okay, so maybe it is an acquired taste, but when it comes down to the brass tacks, earnings calls can help identify details about a company that you would […]

What The Hell Just Happened? Six Insane Minutes of Saints Row IV Gameplay Footage

As a follow up to our What Just Happened? Saints Row IV announcement article, we have decided to crank it up to 11, add Hell to the title for emphasis, and bring you even more insane footage from what could be the most ridiculous video game of all time. Six minutes of gameplay was just released […]