7 Tools from Google for Your Non Profit Organization (Insperia Media)

Non Profits in the 21st century have an extremely important role to play. While institutions are becoming too large to move quickly on important issues, nonprofits are nimble, agile, progressive, and vital to the health of our global society.

Google understands the importance of nonprofits as well as anyone. This can be seen through the excellent tools they provide for individuals and groups who want to make an impact.

Here are 7 tools that will help your non profit reach full potential:

1. Google Apps for Non Profits

With access to the Google suite of products, non profits can reduce IT costs and allow their staff to work better as a team. The advantages of Gmail, Google Calendar, and the document hub, Google Drive, are quite apparent. Free, user-friendly, and universal, Google apps are an open ecosystem that enables any organization to reap the benefits that come with intuitive technology.

2. Google Ad Grants

The internet currently revolves around online advertising, and Google AdWords is best in breed. For non profits, Google offers Ad Grants, a program focused on helping your organization reach, and engage, potential supporters. Using this method, you are able to:

  • Raise awareness by focusing on specific keywords (and creating unique ads to highlight the important aspects of your cause),
  • Track online donations, volunteer registrations and subscription.

Never has it been so easy to get the word out…all that is needed is some tech-savvy and a great idea.

3. YouTube Non Profit Program

To get the word out, sometimes you have to stand out. With internet streaming becoming the standard, YouTube is now an invaluable resource for non profits who want to visually demonstrate their value proposition. The YouTube Nonprofit Program offers non profits access to a free, enriched version of YouTube with many additional features beyond the standard, including call-to-action overlays, and options regarding the look and feel of the non profit channel (i.e.. customizable logo and branding).

4. Google Earth Outreach

Google’s satellite mapping technology has revolutionized the way we look at the world. Use the Google Earth Outreach to visualize your cause and bring a sense of space and reality that would otherwise be lost through text alone. Nonprofits can create custom maps of their projects, develop a narrative-based Google Earth movie (to be made available on YouTube), and host geospatial data online with the Maps Engine. The program is user-friendly, with online tutorials showing you exactly how to get the most out of the impressive tech.

5. Google Analytics

Big data, as divisive as this topic of conversation is at the moment, offers empirical insight unprecedented in the history of civilization. As long as privacy is not threatened, meta-analysis of your nonprofit can offer real solutions to current problems. Google Analytics can:

  • Measure engagement
  • analyze AdWords to see what is most effective
  • Identify how users interact with your site
  • Track social media effectiveness

6. Google+

Google’s answer to Facebook is an excellent resource for non profits. Organizations can engage users directly, and share photos, videos and everything else simultaneously. Google Hangouts allows the hosting of live, global video conferences, along with providing a central community hub.

7. One Today

One Today is an Android app that helps nonprofits launch projects by offering a system that can make a huge impact with $1 donation made through mobile devices. As a member of Google for Non Profits, your organization has full access to One Today, allowing you to streamline projects and fund-raise with ease.


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