Monthly Archives: July 2013

Double Fine Doubles Down on Kickstarter with Massive Chalice

The genius savants at Double Fine are heading to Kickstarter again. After the successful campaign to finance Broken Age, they are taking advantage of crowdfunding to try and turn another great idea into reality. And as usual, they whet the gaming communities appetite with a humorous video preview of what to expect from their latest […]

The Fall of Square Enix: A Retrospective On What Went Wrong and What Needs to Change

The gaming industry seems to be in the “awkward teen” phase of its evolution. Straddling the line between adolescence and adulthood, it tries to be everything to everybody, leading to an identity crisis. Publishers still obediently answer to their investors (parents) and developers are forced to maintain the status-quo for fear of getting the axe […]

The Great Debate: How Important are Graphics In Video Games?

Video games are a highly visual medium. Always have been, always will be. Because of this, graphics and in-game visuals (for better or worse) have become a major barometer of a titles quality. While many core gamers will point to gameplay and immersiveness as primary reasons to buy a game, much of the general public […]

Mirrors Edge + Aggressive Zombies = Dying Light

While some are impatiently waiting for the undead craze to actually die, I still believe the zombie genre has some legs. On the negative side, it has become a huge part of pop culture, so, as expected, many of the same tired tropes we have witnessed over the past few years have started to be […]