Double Fine Doubles Down on Kickstarter with Massive Chalice

The genius savants at Double Fine are heading to Kickstarter again. After the successful campaign to finance Broken Age, they are taking advantage of crowdfunding to try and turn another great idea into reality. And as usual, they whet the gaming communities appetite with a humorous video preview of what to expect from their latest creation, Massive Chalice:

As you can see, Massive Chalice is a tactical fantasy on an epic, multi-generational timeline. Think Game of Thrones meets XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a near perfect video game idea. But this is the most perilous aspect of Kickstarter. The game may have a brilliant premise, but it is the execution that really counts. Many titles on Kickstarter bring exactly what gamers want in terms of setting, storyline and gameplay, but will they ultimately end up as good as the initial description?

Double Fine’s Next Kickstarter

This all important question will be left unanswered until the first crop of major Kickstarter titles are finished and released. Fortunately, a veteran company like Double Fine has the track record necessary to keep gamers confident in their ability to make a truly excellent video game using the crowd-sourced method.

Lets hope they can pull this off, because Massive Chalice has a huge amount of potential. What are your thoughts on this interesting game idea? Let us know!

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