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TX Clean Energy Commission Study Analysis

Texas Clean Energy Coalition Study Analysis As we march headlong into the anthropocene, energy uncertainty is one of the greatest challenges facing America. This immense problem requires stakeholders to assess the current and future landscape of energy production in order to confidently take the necessary steps to provide for the security, efficiency, and reliability of […]

Is Distributed Generation a Threat to Traditional Utilities?

Emergent technologies, such as wind and solar, have given rise to distributed generation, a form of energy production that creates electricity from many small sources, independent of the larger grid. This small-scale, microgrid development marks the first time since the inception of the electrical age that the dominant role of a central electric grid has […]

The Great Transmedia Experiment Begins

While evolution tends to be a slow, multi-generational process, the entertainment industry has an amazing ability to take huge steps forward in very little time, allowing people to witness impressive leaps in technology and narrative before their very eyes. Film and television are the most popular and accessible forms of entertainment for the majority of […]

Nerf the NSA: SpyCraft in the World of WarCraft

One of the first PC experiences I ever had was with Spycraft: The Great Game, an impressive glimpse at life in the CIA through the use of grainy full-motion video and a ton of ridiculously hard to solve puzzles. If you think about it, the life of a spy is a game in itself, using […]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Product Description (

The Nordic land of Skyrim is under siege and the call for a hero has yet to be answered. The great dragon Alduin has returned to Tamriel and must be stopped by any means necessary. As the last remaining dragonborn, gifted with The Voice, you are the only one who can save Skyrim from this ultimate […]