Running a Political Campaign in a Social World (Resonate)

Data Analytics & The Dawn of a New Age in Political Campaigning

The citizen-voters of today are viewed much differently from their historical counterparts. Not because human nature is radically different, but rather due to the fact and we now have the ability to understand and engage these individuals through technology.

This unprecedented level of voter awareness was precipitated by the introduction of data analytics.

With information technology ushering in the digital age, our world is now data-driven, allowing us to apply real-time evidence to make better decisions and confidently approach problems through pragmatic, logic-based methods. The ability to collect data is further buoyed by increasingly complex social networks providing a web of knowledge to those with the keys.

It is through analytics that the process of uncovering new knowledge, trends, rules, or patterns becomes much more intuitive and accurate. Our massive virtual communities and networks provide those with the ability to harness this information with a massive advantage when it comes to analyzing and reaching precise, marketable conclusions.

Why > Who

This has opened up the floodgates in terms of identifying the WHY behind voter motivations and tendencies. Knowing these answers allow political campaigns, think tanks, citizen groups, and other stakeholders to approach their work in the most efficient manner possible.

The outreach campaigns of the past relied on homogenized marketing, basic census data, and a healthy dose of luck. They were the equivalent of a mass email campaign targeting everyone and no one at the same time

Not only does analytics shed light on previously mysterious social questions, it is also the catalyst for the creation of even stronger ties between voters and their preferred campaign or candidate.

Using advance data science and technology to deliver the most relevant messages to the most important audience is a powerful tool. It is companies like Resonate who are on the bleeding edge of this logic-based revolution, bringing political campaign messages closer than ever to their potential voters.

With data, campaigns can target emotions as well as demographics. They can now accurately take the individual into account by looking at thousands of unique data sets which provide a looking glass into what motivates them.

This is especially important as social media and other community-based technology further divides the political landscape. While campaigns are still able view potential voters in terms of demographics, party affiliation, and voter lists, data analytics provides an entirely new dimension to a previously generalized process. To compete and win in the 21st Century, those tasked with outreach must understand complex psychology, from issue positions and interests, all the way to personal values and deep-seated beliefs. Only then will campaigns and organizations truly connect with voters and reach maximum outreach effectiveness.

Politics & Data is a Zero-Sum Game

The race to grab voters in a highly connected society is a zero-sum game, and those looking to hold power in this realm must stay ahead of the curve. In order to achieve outreach ascendancy, Stakeholders must create evidence-based, data-driven campaigns that influence voters through informational knowledge, as opposed to simply implementing one-size-fits-all political messages.

Resonate creates audiences and political supporters by defining thousands of targeting attributes, and narrowing their message for each and every individual using advanced algorithms and other analytic-based methods. Because of this, Resonate has the technology to turn political campaigns into well-oiled machines run on data-driven engines, reducing inefficiencies while providing an unprecedented view into the raw data of voter tendencies.

With expertly-developed analytical tools, the resulting targeted ads and marketing methods are not only effective, they help provide an even deeper knowledge foundation, due to the ever-increasing flow of data constantly making their way into the larger database.

Understanding each voter as an individual is the end-game, and Resonate is on the forefront of a data revolution that is changing the way we view and relate to voters within an extremely complex political landscape.


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