DFA Funds: Hard to Buy, Easy to Own

dimensional-fund-advisorsWith uncertainty and volatility clouding the international financial markets as of late, knowing where to invest your money in order for it to grow can be a difficult proposition. There are thousands of avenues for individual investors to take, and the sheer amount of options can make anyone’s head spin.

These reasons alone should prompt you align yourself with a financial advisor who understands your personal situation and will be able to invest your money in the most efficient and effective way possible. Having an advisor comes with many advantages, not the least of which is the fact that professional advisors have access to opportunities an individual investor may not, such as the funds created by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a new kind of investment firm that abides by a belief in financial science and the efficacy of capital markets. They employ a unique, studied, buy-­and-­hold philosophy that guides their investment decisions. This approach makes the most out of the ups, and downs, of the markets. DFA thoroughly vets every opportunity before investing, using their deep working relationships with financial economists and industry insiders to bring the latest theories and research into practice.

DFA’s prerogative to only open their funds to independent advisors free of the conflicts associated with commission based transactions, positions their clients to get the most out of their long term investments without worrying that they are lining the pockets of those only looking for short term profits.They also want to make sure that the individual investor is not just blindly buying mutual funds, even if it is a DFA fund, but rather that they are making smart decisions with the help of a professional who knows them. Basically, DFA wants to make certain that the investors best interests are in mind before putting their money to work.

After speaking with your financial advisor, you too can take advantage of DFA mutual funds. With your money invested in Dimensional Fund Advisors, you can sit back and enjoy life knowing that you have some of the top investment professionals in the country making sure your assets are being effectively put to use. This commitment to the individual investor, and not just their own bottom line, is what sets Dimensional Fund Advisors apart. In essence, you can say that DFA funds are hard to buy, but easy to own.


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