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Arcade 2.0: The Future of “Social” Gaming (Xfire News)

The arcade craze fell apart in the late 90’s. Nobody really noticed because they were too busy playing on their PC or shiny new Playstation console. Everyone thought, hey, why should I keep feeding these machines quarters (microtransactions? pfft….) when I can just play in the comfort of my own home? While this was partly […]

ESEA "Accidentally" Introduces Bitcoin Mining Malware into Server Client

E-Sports Entertainment, better known as ESEA on the streets, has gotten into a relatively major pickle recently when it was found that malware was released into their public client, enabling the mining of Bitcoins. The exploit was found by an ESEA user who realized that he was farming Bitcoins for another user after noticing extremely […]

That Escalated Quickly! LoL Pro's Personal Feed Hits Nearly 140,000 Viewers for 1v1 Duel

It was the interwebs version of meeting by the oak tree after school. Mike “Wickd” Peterson, a LoL pro who plays for the team Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic’s Paul “SOAZ” Boyer were both neck-and-neck with hours to go in public voting for the final European spot in the League Championship series All-Star Game. Each held […]

Zerg Rush; Blizzard Expands Vital eSports Presence with IPL Buy

It was just announced today that Blizzard Entertainment has purchased the IGN Pro League. Although Blizzard mentioned that it has “no plans to continue the operation of the IPL business itself,” it now controls all IPL technology and assets. Blizzard is bringing onboard members of the IPL staff as the foundation for a new team […]