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Use this Critical Concept to Pick Better Value Stocks (

People fear risk to such an extent, they tend to make the bulk of their decisions based on trying not to lose— which is often the sub-optimal strategy if your goal is to profit. Many of us fear downside without properly factoring in the upside. When driven by emotion or irrational forces, there is a […]

How Do Indexed Annuities Work

As you look for the best avenues to achieve steady growth and income during retirement, there are certainly no lack of options. With the glut of choices for where to put your assets to work, a vigilant and discerning eye is necessary in order to develop the proper strategy for your endgame. The classic term Buyer Beware […]

DFA Funds: Hard to Buy, Easy to Own

With uncertainty and volatility clouding the international financial markets as of late, knowing where to invest your money in order for it to grow can be a difficult proposition. There are thousands of avenues for individual investors to take, and the sheer amount of options can make anyone’s head spin. These reasons alone should prompt you […]

An Intro to Finance and Economics via The Ascent of Money

To many, finance and economics are like a foreign language, each with their own complicated lexicon of words that can seem indecipherable. Opportunity cost, capital gains, amortization, P/E ratio, inflation, deflation, stagflation…the list goes on and on. While the most effective way of learning would be to crack open a 101 textbook and start digging in, […]

10 Tips to Get Ready for Retirement (

Retirement….even saying the word during our current economic “cycle” invokes a sense of worry and trepidation from many nearing that age. Without a systematic plan, even financially vigilant retirees  run the risk of being unable to live at their preferred comfort level. Developing a smart and realistic retirement strategy is essential in giving you the best chance to achieve your […]

Tips for your 401k Retirement Plan (

In the early 1980’s, a fresh alternative to the quickly fading company pension arrived on the scene.  This new retirement supplement was called a 401k and enabled companies to help their employees save for retirement while concurrently reducing taxable income. In essence, workers can choose to deposit part of their earnings into a 401k account, and […]

Retirement Income Planning: Do’s and Dont’s (

In retirement, your primary concern is providing you and your family with the income necessary to live out your years without the overhanging worry that you cannot sustain the lifestyle you enjoy. Not only do you need to plan for retirement, you must ensure the plan itself is going to support you for as long as necessary. Retirement income […]

What Are Your Asset Management Goals?

One of the biggest mistakes many individuals tend to make during their working years is not establishing proper asset management goals. Going through life without ensuring your financial house is in order may put you in the difficult position by lacking the money or resources necessary to sustain your quality of life. For many of us, even the […]

4 Ways to Invest in Water (

As climate and resource data continues to pour in from every corner of the globe, routinely proving humanity’s substantial effect on our only habitat, it is quickly becoming apparent that environmental protection is “in play” for investors. Finding sectors and markets that are safeguarded from the slow-burn damage of climate change is now an imperative […]

2 Ways to Profit From ‘Big Data’ (

The world of big data is a growing behemoth, one whose swift rise has helped create an entirely new business and social landscape. Institutions and companies of all types from around the globe are scrambling to provide a more accurate analysis of their operations by using complex data sets. Since accurate analysis commonly leads to […]