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What the FPS Genre can learn from GTAV (Xfire News)

With the incendiary sales numbers of Grand Theft Auto V taking interactive entertainment to new heights, handily eclipsing the $1 billion mark in just three days, the King of Game Mountain is the three-headed Hydra of Michael, Franklin, and sweet, lovable, Trevor. This interesting turn-of-events places the traditional money printer genre, First Person Shooters, on […]

Largest Battle in EVE Online’s Ten-Year History was Epic (Xfire News)

It has been dubbed the Halloween War, a galactic military campaign waged between two powerful factions, being played out on the biggest of virtual stages: EVE Online. Over the past four months, Pandemic Legion and N3 have engaged in several large-scale battles with their rival, CFC/RUS. This culminated in a Capital ship throwdown last week, […]

The Future According to Valve (Xfire News)

Valve, the Gabe Newell-led paragon of PC gaming, has officially entered the battle for the living room. With the recent announcement of a new operating system, device, and controller input, the elite developer has everything in place to begin their ascent into the hearts and minds of entertainment consumers around the world. Note that I […]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Product Description (

The Nordic land of Skyrim is under siege and the call for a hero has yet to be answered. The great dragon Alduin has returned to Tamriel and must be stopped by any means necessary. As the last remaining dragonborn, gifted with The Voice, you are the only one who can save Skyrim from this ultimate […]

Arcade 2.0: The Future of “Social” Gaming (Xfire News)

The arcade craze fell apart in the late 90’s. Nobody really noticed because they were too busy playing on their PC or shiny new Playstation console. Everyone thought, hey, why should I keep feeding these machines quarters (microtransactions? pfft….) when I can just play in the comfort of my own home? While this was partly […]

The Great "Transmedia" Experiment Begins….

While evolution tends to be a slow, multi-generational process, the entertainment industry has an amazing ability to take huge steps forward in very little time, allowing people to witness impressive leaps in technology and narrative before their very eyes. Film and television are the most popular and accessible forms of entertainment for the majority of […]

The Fall of Square Enix: A Retrospective On What Went Wrong and What Needs to Change

The gaming industry seems to be in the “awkward teen” phase of its evolution. Straddling the line between adolescence and adulthood, it tries to be everything to everybody, leading to an identity crisis. Publishers still obediently answer to their investors (parents) and developers are forced to maintain the status-quo for fear of getting the axe […]

The Great Debate: How Important are Graphics In Video Games?

Video games are a highly visual medium. Always have been, always will be. Because of this, graphics and in-game visuals (for better or worse) have become a major barometer of a titles quality. While many core gamers will point to gameplay and immersiveness as primary reasons to buy a game, much of the general public […]

One Does Not Simply…Tack on Multiplayer and Force DRM; CD Projekt RED Strikes Again

To use a Game of Thrones reference, if there was ever a House Stark of the gaming industry, it might have to be CD Projekt RED. Honorable, stoic, moral and driven, CDPR represents the best of the industry. While the Lannisters (Electronic Arts) Tyrells (Activision) Greyjoys (Ubisoft) and Targaryens (Square Enix) are all duking it […]

Valve is Taking Over The World

Valve is making some serious bank. Although we have no idea what the exact numbers may be, considering that Valve is a highly-secretive, privately-held company,what we do know is that they are growing at a rate that would make Apple and Google jealous. During the BAFTA Awards and following his acceptance of the Academy Fellowship honor, Valve head honcho […]